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As a Spirit Medium and Oracle,  all her life Megan has been able to sense,  hear,  and even see things that others could not;  but when she was 21 years old,  she had a spiritual experience which really grabbed her attention,  outshining all the rest.

Looking for guidance,  she sought out a mentor with one question in mind, "How do I know if this is something I can do, or something I am meant  to do?" The answer was simple, "If you are meant to do this,  nothing else will work out."

After a few years and several nursing positions later (Megan holds a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant title),  she went into a meditative state and asked again,  what she was really supposed to be doing with her gifts.  

She says the response still rings in her ear as audibly as the day she first heard it. "People with 'mental illnesses' aren't sick. They are gifted,  like you- and it will be your purpose to help them understand and overcome their struggles."



From a young age,  Bree was always drawn to nature and wild life.  The majority of her time growing up,  was,  and still is today,  spent outside enjoying the elements. 

As a child,  the colors she would admire in the auras of the trees,  was something she assumed everyone saw. However,  when she got older she realized that this sight was a unique gift,  and that not everyone around her could see it. 

She then began researching and learning about her energetic abilities,  and putting them into action. Her gift swiftly turned into a passion,  and it wasn't long before she knew in her heart what she was meant to do-  "To help others heal and balance those mesmerizing colors" that she has seen her whole life.

Like Megan,  Bree is now a full time student at University of Sedona/ University of Metaphysics,  where they are both working towards their PhD's in Metaphysical Science.



  Like so many others, for a very long time Karen lived submissively in a world that told her something was wrong with her; that she had depression, bipolar, anxiety, cyclothymia, and PPD/A, just to name a few of the labels in the long list of reasons why she wasn’t "normal" in their eyes. 

After years of trying to drown out the parts of herself they had convinced her were evidence of being broken, by self-medicating with a variety of substances and alcohol, she woke up and decided that she could not go on living in this image. 

“I realized I had to accept all the parts of who I am, and through Metaphysical Counseling I was able to find my strengths within what they considered my weaknesses.” 

Today, Karen is also a student of University of Sedona and uses her experiences and gifts to help others shift their perception of self and reality, in a way that encourages and enables them to be in control of their life with confidence and love.

Our Purpose

We are here to provide alternative solutions to improving your physical,  emotional,  spiritual,  and mental well-being,  without the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals. 

We do this by integrating ancient healing practices with the fundamental principles of metaphysics,  supported by straight forward explanations and easy to understand dialogue.

Our goal is to not only relieve your symptoms,  but to address and treat their ultimate root cause(s);  and while not all situations or circumstances listed above are created equal,  there are three facts that you can apply to all of them:

No,  you're not crazy.  Yes,  they are real.  And yes,  we can help.

We promise to leave you feeling enlightened and confidant,  but always encourage our clients to reach out to us after their appointment if any forgotten or new questions arise! 

Our Services

Metaphysical Counseling


-Understanding Your Mind-

It is society's nature to label that which it does not understand as taboo,  evil,  wrong,  negative,  defective,  or even broken-  

but we are breaking that mold! 

Our unique perspective on mental health focuses on energetic abilities,  imbalances,  and social conditioning;  which our results show are the three main causes of symptoms associated with "mental illnesses".

When you choose Metaphysical Counseling,  you are choosing a completely new and fresh approach to overcoming things like,  but not limited to,  stress,  anxiety,  depression,  and PTSD.

Additionally,  we also help people understand and take control of experiences such as audible and visual hallucinations,  sleep paralysis,  paranoia,  psychosis,  detachment,  identity crises...  etc.

Reiki & Tuning Fork Therapy


-Holistic Energy Healing-

Simply put,  Reiki is like acupuncture without the needles. The practitioner taps into your electromagnetic auric field (without needing to touch you) and balances your Chakras while cleaning your energy.

Your Chakras are your "energy wheels",  which start at the base of your spine and extend to the top of your head.  With seven Chakras in total,  each one is individually responsible for generating and maintaining different energies within the physical and metaphysical self.

When any one (or more) of your energies are out of alignment,  it causes a plethora of physical and mental health complications.  These can include,  but are certainly not limited to,  things like inflammation,  IBS,  high/low blood pressure,  reoccurring illnesses,  chronic pain,  fatigue,  stress,  anxiety,  and depression.

Perception Mentoring


-Opening Your Eyes-

The world around us is a vast reality, yet somehow we always seem to end up with tunnel vision. 

We know how we have been raised to think and feel, but what are we missing out on when we become unable to perceive beyond that?

The subconscious is possibly one of the strongest parts of our mind, and being so, is not very mailable without proper guidance. Within our subconscious we become so set in our ways that understanding, grace, and compromise seem unattainable.

Through Perception Mentoring, you are guided in a one-on-one setting, with direct and specific explanations on where and how to step out of the limitations programed into your mind that have been holding you back from being the absolute best version of yourself.

Yoga & Meditation Guidance


-Taking Time For You-

The constant strain of a fast paced society,  prevents us from ever slowing down;  and the unrealistic expectations we take on as our own personal responsibility,  leave us living our life for everyone else,  and almost completely cutting ourselves out of the picture.

Yoga and Meditation allow you the necessary time to pause,  and take even just a few minutes for yourself;  to find and reconnect with the  true essence of yourself,  that ends up being shoved under the multiple  hats you wear on a daily basis.

Whether you are the type of person who thrives on a busy lifestyle,  or the type who can never seem to catch up,  Yoga and Meditation will help you find balance within yourself,  leaving you feeling refueled and refreshed,  and able to live your life for you-  as a whole,  healthy,  happy,  and confidant YOU.

House Clearings


-More Than What Meets The Eye-

In addition to the energies of ourselves and those living among us,  the energies of Beings who are no longer in the physical form, can also- and will,  affect us as well. 

We aim for our services in the paranormal field to go above and beyond your typical investigation.  

While other teams use electronic tools and retain a sole purpose of determining whether a property is haunted or not,  we use our abilities to detect any unwelcome spirits,  and then remove them by either crossing them over,  or vetting them out.

Additionally,  before we leave the home we provide all of our clients with the necessary knowledge and understanding to keep their home protected from unwelcome spirits and negative energy in the future..

Support Staff

Maggie Langer

Secretary / Public Relations Coordinator

Secretary / Public Relations Coordinator

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